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Automatic 3D from Floor Plan - Blender Workflow Aide

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To use, this file requires the Sverchok addon to be enabled. To get Sverchok, download from here:

This file contains the node group which can be used to generate single floor building layouts from simplified inputs.

The group node outputs an external wall, an internal skin, interior walls, a floor, planes to fit door and window holes, and a point lamp centred in each space.


  • Simply trace the floor plan with edges marking the centre of walls and fill each space with a single face. Use planes to mark out door positions (and Join with CTRL+J into one object) and the same for window positions. Ensure all the normals are facing upwards to work as intended.
  • Bring each of these into a Sverchok graph using Objects In nodes.
  • Append the node group from the file you download here (navigate to the file and it will be under BuildingFromPlan.blend/NodeTree/House from Plan).
  • In Sverchok, add a new Group node, click on the magnifying glass icon and select
  • Connect the Object sockets from the Object In nodes to their respective sockets on the group node.

  • Wall Height - Defines the height floor to floor
  • Door Lintel - Defines height of the upper surface of door apertures.
  • Window Sill - Defines height of the lower surface of window apertures.
  • Window Lintel - Defines height of the upper surface of window apertures.

The goal here is not to create a perfect completely parametric model of the whole building, but rather to jump passed the initial blocking in of the 3D model. Changing door and window heights individually and assigning materials could be done through nodes but for most properties will be quicker and less liable to break something with manual adjustment.

To disconnect the model from the Sverchok tree either disable the Live updates on the group node, disable the tree entirely (F6 to toggle), or even delete the tree if you're finished with it. 

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Automatic 3D from Floor Plan - Blender Workflow Aide

25 ratings
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