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Untiling Node for Blender 2.82+ | No more texture tiling artefacts!

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Untiling Node for Blender 2.82+ | No more texture tiling artefacts!

238 ratings

UPDATE 06/06/2020

I have taken the original idea of the Untiling node and combined it with the newer Box Mapping node to create the Basher node. This lets you texture bash super fast. No need to unwrap, just grab an image texture and throw it on any mesh!

To add the node group to your scene, download the blend file and place it somewhere memorable. In your scene go File > Append > [Navigate to the Basher blend file] > Node Tree > Basher and click Append. The node group will now be available on your Shift+A menu under Groups.

For added convenience, consider enabling the Node Presets add-on that comes with Blender.

UPDATE 05/04/2021

I've created a new option for the Blended Tiling node. This is a more advanced version of the Basher node which allows for properly blended seams. This prevents some of the noise dithering artefacts that were present in the Basher node when used with Displacement, Bump or Normal maps.

UPDATE 15/03/2021

I've added a "Rotation per Cell" output to the Basher which can be used to correct rotation of Normal Maps as shown:


This node group is designed to replace the standard Mapping node to allow the tiling of homogeneous, non-patterned, textures such as grass, granite, mud, concrete etc.

This node group is also able to tile image textures that have not been set up as seamless.

I have added a Box Mapping node to the download, if you prefer to use Box Mapping (the option on the Image Texture Node) then you'll find it doesn't work with this Untiling node. To rectify this I've made a node that create's Box Mapping coordinates to pass to the Untiling node. Use this with the Image Texture set to Flat!

If you're wondering how this node group is made, I have a tutorial on the process on my YouTube:

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